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Archive for October 2011

Invited to the 5th International Scientific Congress | 2011

Dr. Badalian was Invited to the 5th International Scientific Congress as an expert in Urogynecology to perform and teach new surgeries in vaginal vault prolapse and urinary incontinence. He was there with Internationally known experts in gynecologic surgery: Dr. Mario Malzoni (Italy), Dr. Gerard Mage (France), Dr. Revaz Botchhorishvili (France), Dr. Michael Friedman (Israel), Dr. Peter von Theobald (France), Dr. Stefano Angioni (Italy), Dr. Vito Cela (Italy) .

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Invited to Armenia as Pelvic Surgery Expert | 2011

Dr.Samuel Badalian was invited as an expert of pelvic surgery to perform and teach the newest technologies in pelvic reconstruction and the treatment of urinary incontinence. He performed surgeries in two different Hospitals: St. Nerses Metc Hospital and Center for Mother and Child Health Protection (Margaryan Hospital).

Dr. Badalian participated on The 5th Annual Osteoporosis Conference in Armenia organized by Dr. John Bilazekian (Columbia University) and Dr. John Kanis (President of IOF, U.K.)

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